With a household income of $7K and above, many HDB home owners have UPGRADED to private properties without paying extra cash from their savings
Have you ever wondered if it is possible for you to own a private property with no stress?
Do I have enough funds to own one or even maybe two?
Is upgrading to a condo only for the rich?

Many of my clients earning $6k to $7k salaries have approached me with the above concerns. However, with my meticulous financial planning and step-by-step Asset Progression Strategies, they have since upgraded comfortably and are clear about their investment road map for the next 5 to 10 years.

Take action now for a financially free future!

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If you have met the minimum occupation period (5 years), and have a combine income of $6k or more,

We have a STRATEGY that you can use to upgrade to condo and GAIN EXTRA FUNDS FOR SAVINGS

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  • An in-depth analysis to allow you to understand your financial position objectively
  • A meticulous financial calculation process, including additional costs such as legal fees, cash outlay, stamp duty, etc.
  • The C.M.A analysis method to filter through the many options in the property market and determine the right property for you
  • A CONSERVATIVE & ACHIEVABLE asset progression plan allowing you to accumulate wealth earlier with reserved funds for rainy days.
  • A property investment “roadmap” which allows you to see where you will be in the next 5 to 10 years and beyond
  • How you can achieve HUGE potential upside from your properties and retire earlier
  • Coaching & in depth planning on how to own two properties with no stress
  • Insights and results from REAL LIFE cases!

    Mr & Mrs Tan, both 35 years old, were owners of a 4 room HDB flat. Their plan was to pay fully for their property or upgrade to a maisonette.

    But after doing detailed calculations & explaining different options to them, they had learnt better way of managing their money with my STRATEGIES.

    With my ASSET PROGRESSION STRATEGIES, they could :

    - Upgrade to a condo and get another property for investment

    - Have extra funds for their own use after this process.

    They have since upgraded to a Condominium without touching any of their savings, and even have a CASH reserve of $130,000, with my meticulous calculations & conservative planning.


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    You May Be Thinking That, You Have Almost Fully Paid Off Your HDB, Why Should You Upgrade?

    With most or all of your CPF channelled into your HDB flat, you lose

    - The 2.5% interest you could have earned if you had left it inside CPF

    - The accrued interest of 2.5% be returned to CPF when you sell eventually

    That is total of 5% TAKEN AWAY from you, year after year.

    For example, if $250,000 worth of CPF funds is used to pay for your HDB, at the end of 5 years, you lose $32,850 in interest earnings at the end of 5 years.

    Selling your HDB at the end of 5 years, you would need to return $282,850 to CPF, which is $32,850 less cash from the sales proceed of your property.

    In Total, Your Loss = $65,700!!


    So how can you escape from this TIME BOMB? Let’s meet up for a non- obligatory session with me to find out!

    At the end of the day, careful planning and meticulous financial calculations are crucial steps to achieving your dream lifestyle
    There is NOTHING to lose in gaining more knowledge. After all, knowledge is power
    There are no obligations at all


    Have You Been :
  • Taking a long time to sell your property?
  • Marketing a lot on your property but not getting enough viewings?
  • Wanting to get a better price for your property but do not know how to?
  • Thinking if your marketing strategies are effective?
  • Seeing how others can gain plenty of viewings for their property?
  • Looking at what are the other types of marketing you can use to market your property?
    I Have A Set Of Proven Effective Marketing Strategies

    Having engaging content is the key to attract buyers. Video tours can capture the attention of buyers more effectively and generate wider interest for viewings


    We make use of market segmentation and quality ads to help your property reach maximum exposure on social media platforms. Our team is equipped with strong digital marketing skills - we get your property out there in the eyes of potential buyers


    Home staging will, on average, bring 2-3 times more buyers to view your unit. 3D interior renderings allow buyers to visualize themselves living in your property, creating a homely image in their mind

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    Real estate is everyone most important & biggest asset. It can be a great investment option. It can generate ongoing passive income and can be a good long-term investment. Many people use it as a part of their overall strategy to begin building wealth.
    In fact first property purchase is the most crucial first step . Most first timer buyers just follow blindly their parents/friends choice. As one wrong step they will really waste 10 years of their time.
    Need Some Advice?
    How to purchase the right property in Singapore?
    Should I keep or sell my current property?
    How to maximise the use of my CPF to generate wealth?
    My property is losing money, what should I do?
    I’m a first time buyer, which type of property should I be looking at?
    Lastly are you a emotional buyer or a buyer base on facts & figures? 🤔
    What is the difference?
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    It’s a good discussion to understand your needs, goals, situation and lay out your various options for you to see. So that I can plan your property journey.
    Hi, I am Rain

    Rain was a professional accountant before he joined as Real Estate agent. Being very detailed and careful with numbers, many clients trusted him for his calculations

    Any Real Estate decision involves a substantial amount of funds, and it is his duty to ensure that the client will be financially comfortable before deciding on any moves .

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    Feedback From Clients

    My Fiancée and I had been looking to buy our first property but we struggled with it for quite some time... “is a resale hdb flat better, EC or should I go for condo?”

    We chance upon rain facebook ads where he shared with us a 5-10 years asset progression plan. We appreciate his consultations as he is always focused on aligning his proposed plan to our needs.

    In the end, we went ahead with our purchase through Rain. We are satisfied and happy with our choice. We came to realise that having a structured long-term plan is important for property planning. Glad that Rain helped us to make a more informed choice!

    – Darrick & Brenda, First timer buyer

    We have been staying in our hdb for the past 20 years. It our dream to upgrade to condo but we are afraid of the financial stress. Fortunately, Rain knocked on our door and shared his knowledge with us. He went through a detailed financial calculations and explore various options with us, shared the pros & cons of each option. He is very patience and answered to all our concerns and fears.

    He showed us that we could actually upgrade from HDB to condo without even touching our savings! Our reserve CPF funds can now withstand the instalments for a good 6 years.

    I never regret this leap of faith because my pervious hdb continue to depreciate whereas my new condo already appreciate more than $100k! Never look back!

    – Mr & Mrs Ong, Hdb Upgrader

    Other agents marketed my unit for almost 1 year but there isn’t any offer. Saw Rain’s flyer and decided to give it a try.

    He sold our unit within 2 months with his proven marketing techniques. He brought many keen buyers to view our units within short period of time and negotiate the best price for my unit.

    Smooth transactions & thankful for his details financial & timeline planning. Thank you Rain! Definitely will recommend my friends to him!

    – Donny & Yvonne, house relocation